Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment
Water Filtration, Materials Handling
When you require water treatment, liquid filtration, inlet screening, inlet grit removal, waste water treatment, materials handling, biomass handling, sludge treatment and de-watering, SKE Solutions and our quality products are perfectly positioned to help you.  Call us now....     +44 (0)28 867 69600
SKE Solutions are a major water, waste water and materials handling company, with more than 20 years comprehensive experience, offering you a renowned, bespoke, extensive range of water, wastewater and materials handling equipment.

SKE's environmentally friendly systems will enable you become a better carer of your environment and will save you money with ultra reliable, expertly designed systems, coupled to our best prices, comprehensive service, back-up and class leading product warranties. Quality Guaranteed and Customer Satisfaction.... every time.

Many of the first systems installed by our company are still in operation today. This is great testament to the designs and construction of SKE's equipment range. In many other cases when an old treatment plant has been replaced, the customer has stipulated that it is SKE equipment that is installed again second time around….

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