Lime Dosing Application

Arnfield Water Treatment Works, Manchester Road, Tintwistle, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 1NE

Customer: United Utilities

System Type: Silo powder discharge, conveying, volumetric metering, injection & slurry mixing

Material: Hydrated lime

System Description: 1-off Silo discharge unit. Conveyor systems. 4-off intermediate hoppers with discharge units, metering conveyors & powder injectors. 4-off mixing tanks.

Mixing Method:Mixing tanks producing slurry, 4 m3/hr @ 2%DS

Installed: 2013



Arnfield Water Treatment Works is supplied by 5 local reservoirs in the Longendale Valley of North Derbyshire. The water is treated at this site with hydrated lime, ferric sulphate & polyelectrolyte, before flowing via a tunnel for final treatment at Godley Wtw. The lime works were in urgent need of update. The original plant, installed as long ago as the 1960s, was proving very unreliable. To replace this plant on a budget was proving extremely difficult. The layout of the site is cramped, with little space for incorporation of new equipment. Also, the existing concrete lime storage silo had to be retained & refurbished.

SKE Solutions rose to the challenge of improving this site. Careful design enabled improved silo discharge using a state of the art ‘Sodimate’ arch breaking system, and long runs of horizontal and vertical conveying augers. The lime is now fed to 4-off modern mixing tanks, with metering conveyors & powder injectors for accurate mixing of lime powder with water. The plant now uses 90% less lime than before, due to the efficiency of the positive discharge metering system and the mixing tank accuracy.

‘I would like to thank SKE Solutions for doing an excellent job on delivering the Arnfield project. The support offered with design was excellent in what was a difficult situation.’ – Jason Thorley, UU Project Manager