Powder Dosing Application

Clareville Water Treatment Works, Clareville, Castelconnell, County Limerick

Customer: Limerick City Council

System Type:  Powder storage, supply & mixing

Material:  Hydrated Lime

System Description: Silo transfer, meter, transfer & injection conveyors

Silo Size:  30 tonnes

Mixing Method: Direct injection of lime, which is then mixed by the spiral conveyor action.

Installed:  2007

Water Flow Rate 87 MLD maximum, 60MLD typical


This extensive site abstracts water from the River Shannon, and treats it for use by the population of Limerick and environs. More than 18 billion litres per annum. As part of the cleaning of the water, solids are removed, generating waste sludge. This sludge is dried out, and leaves the site as approx 90% dry solids sludge. As part of the drying out process, hydrated lime is added to the sludge.

The lime is stored in a large silo, and SKE Solutions supplied the unique ‘Sodimate’ system to transfer the lime from the silo, and inject it to the sludge as it is conveyed. This equipment uses a mechanical arch breaker system in the silo cone, which eliminates the problems of contamination and compaction that occur when using traditional air or vibration techniques for removing lime from the silo. Then a metering, transfer and injection conveyors are used to dose the lime powder. This is a highly effective, low maintenance system.