Screening Application

Athy Water Treatment Works, Srowland Townland, R417, Athy, County Kildare

Customer: Veolia Water Ireland

(20 year operation contract)

System type:  1-off SKE Klearline HCP 20

System description: Hydraulic compactor

System capacity: 0.7 m3/hr

System operation: Oscillating hydraulic ram feeding to swan neck chute

Installed:  2013


The Srowland Works have been developed on a site north of Athy Town, to supply 40 MLD of fresh water to the local area in County Kildare. The raw water is abstracted from the River Barrow. This new facility lowers the dependency on potable water supply from the Greater Dublin Area.

The compactor is required to process screenings such as grass, leaves & waterweed which have been removed from the raw intake water by 2-off vertical band screens. The system compacts and dewaters the screened material, which is then elevated by a chute before discharge to a suitable container. Features supplied include anti-condensation heating for the motor, food grade oil and monitoring of oil level, temperature & pressure. The compactor is a modest sized unit, which is simple in construction and operation, and is robustly built for a long service life.