Screening and Grit Removal Application

Ballivor Waste Water Treatment Works, Ballivor, County Meath

Customer: Meath County Council

System type:  2-off SC200, 1-off SCO150, 1-off HCP20, 2-off GRT200, 1-off SCL 30

System description: Spiraline channels screens & screenings conveyor. Compactor, grit traps & classifier

Screen size:  6mm in 2 dimensions

System operation: Brushed screens feed to a screenings conveyor, then a hydraulic compactor.

Air blown grit from Grit Traps to a Grit Classifier.

Installed: 2003

Flow rate: approx. 450 m3 per day


This is the sewage treatment works for the small town of Ballivor in County Meath, and is sited on the edge of the town. A full range of SKE Solutions equipment, as used in a typical works, is supplied, fulfilling all the screening and grit removal requirements. There are 2-off elevating spiral screens that remove screenings from the pumped flow, using a 6mm screen resolution. Screenings are washed, and elevated using shaftless spirals. The screenings are then discharged to a common conveyor, before delivery to a small hydraulic compactor. This compactor in turn discharges clean, dry screenings to a skip. Two Grit Traps elevate wet grit using air blower systems. The grit is then classified, and clean, dry grit is also discharged to the skip.

This plant is very similar to that used nearby at the village of Longwood. All equipment is well integrated and giving reliable operation on a daily basis.