Screening & Grit Removal Application

Ballynahinch Waste Water Treatment Works, Drumaness Road, Ballynahinch, County Down

Customer: Northern Ireland Water

System type:  1-off SKE Spiraline CPS 200

System description: Grit removal plant

Screen size:  External screens, dedicated grit system

System operation: Spiral conveyors for horizontal & angled grit transfer.

Installed:  2013

Flow rate:  205 litres per second


This waste water treatment site is discreetly located at the southern approach to Ballynahinch. 2-off duty/standby screens remove all rags before the grit-laden water enters the SKE plant. This grit tank dramatically slows the flow of the water, which allows grit particles to fall to the base. These particles are then transported to one end, and raised for discharge, by spiral conveyors. Air is also introduced by diffusers into the water, to lift light organic material, cleaning the grit before it settles.

This is a substantial self-supporting plant which processes the waste water from a piped flow. The system is fully constructed from 304 stainless steel, and has removable covers for ease of maintenance. SKE Solutions also supplied a free standing weatherproof control panel for operation of the 3 motors used for this system.