Screening and Grit Removal Application

Blarney Towers Waste Water Treatment Works, Riverview Estate, St Ann’s Hill, Blarney, County Cork

Customer: Cork County Council

System type: 1-off SCO200, 1-off HCP20, 1-off GRT250, 1-off SCL 50

System description: Spiraline screenings conveyor, hydraulic compactor, grit trap & classifier

System operation: Vertical screens feed to a screenings conveyor, then a hydraulic compactor

Air blown grit from Grit traps to a grit classifier.

Installed: 2004

Flow rate: maximum 220 l/s


This is the sewage treatment works for the beautiful village of Blarney in County Cork, near to Cork City. All waste water is pumped to this site, and all inlet works equipment is installed above ground level.

The 2-off vertical raked bar screens (by others) feed to a common SKE Spiraline shaftless screw conveyor. This then directs screenings, via a vertical chute, to an SKE hydraulic compactor, which compact’s the screenings and feeds them to a skip alongside. All waste water flows from the screen to an SKE grit trap, installed in a fabricated tank. All grit is then raised by an air blower system and fed to a grit classifier, which is used to dewater and elevate the grit to a skip.

SKE Solution provided a suite of high quality screenings & grit equipment to this site to ensure reliable removal of this material from the waste water before further treatment.