Screening and Grit Removal Application

Cavan Waste Water Treatment Works, Keadue Lane, Cavan Town, County Cavan

Customer: Cavan County Council

System type:  1-off CS 150, 1-off SCPW 200, 1-off SCL 80.

System description: Channel screen, screenings conveyor/compactor & grit classifier

Screen size:  6mm in 2 dimensions

System operation: Brushed screen, Spiraline conveying & compaction, Spiraline grit elevation.

Installed:  2006

Flow rate:  FFT 90 litres per second


This is the main sewage treatment works for Cavan, and is based in countryside just outside the town. A selection of SKE Solutions mechanical handling equipment was installed as part of an upgrade, using an existing grit trap at the site. The flow enters the works in a 1.5 metre wide channel, and meets an SKE 6mm (in 2 dimensions) screen. Trapped screenings are raised by brush action, and then discharge into a hopper on an elevating SKE Spiraline conveyor. The conveyor washes the screenings during transport then dewater’s, compacts and discharges to a skip. After the grit is captured in the grit trap, it is pumped to the SKE grit classifier, which dewaters, elevates and discharges the grit to another skip.

For this site, SKE Solutions supplied equipment to the required specification. There is a good flow arrangement whereby screenings are raised, and washing occurs as they are transported. As is preferred, dewatering & compaction is completed just before discharge. These systems ensure water enters the works processes free from rags and grit.