Grit Handling Application

Drumbeg Waste Water Treatment Works, Ballylesson Road, Belfast, County Down

Customer: Northern Ireland Water

System type:  1-off Klearline GRT 250 and 1-off Spiraline SCL30

System description: Grit Trap and grit classifier

Removal standard: 95% of grit 0.2mm and larger

System operation: Paddles and air blower used to elevate grit, which is then washed and dewatered

Installed:  2013

Flow rate:  Maximum flow supported is 220 l/s


This works is situated in a beautiful green location, close to the River Lagan, with the prestigious Malone Golf Club on the opposite side of the river, as well as the popular scenic towpath which runs from Belfast to Lisburn. The existing site had problems with the accumulation of grit affecting waste water processing, as the very old grit system was ineffective. SKE Solutions has supplied a complete new grit handling system for this site, and carefully designed and manufactured it to integrate with the existing ground works.

The first element of the system is a grit trap, in the existing circular cast concrete below-ground tank. Inflow water is diverted via this tank, and the centrifugal action of fluid movement, encouraged by a rotating paddle system, collects sand and grit in the lower part of the tank. A mixture of wash water & air from a blower, (which was also supplied in an enclosure) elevates the grit to an above-ground classifier unit. The classifier accumulates settled grit then a spiral conveyor raises the grit to the classifier unit. This washes and drains the material, before discharge to a skip. A modern, effective, grit plant is now operational!