Nulbac Effective Disinfection

SKEolyte is a sporicidal high performance anti-microbial that eliminates and future proofs against all types of pathogens without generating environmentally harmful chemistry. It is created by a patented technical electrolysis system and is produced, stored and dosed on site.

Technical Information

SKEolyte disinfectant has a high Hypochlorous Acid content and a VERY HIGH ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
hypochlorous acid ~99% 
hypochlorite ion ~1%
pH 5.0-7.0
ORP 1000-1200mV
Because of the high ORP and hypochlorous acid content, SKEolyte has a fast reaction time and requires a small dose rate (in comparison to other Chlorine disinfectants). Low Dose Rates result in very low byproducts and low capital and operating costs for the ZeroBac Systems.
Full costing analysis and comparative cost 'V's Productivity analysis (with UV) can be provided based on a specific site – and the site volume / characteristics.
The systems are modular, remotely managed and monitored with 24hr measurement & application capability and have multi- spectrum on line instruments measuring chlorine, redox and PH of the final effluent and monitor the treated effluent on a “real time” basis.
Dosing into final effluent is a calculation of predetermined dosing rate (which is based on correlated log reduction objectives) and the effluent flow.

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