SKE Spiraline Grit Separator - SCL

Spiraline SCL Grit and Sand Separators offer a simple, cost-effective solution to removing grit and sand from process flows or wastewater discharges, providing protection to all your downstream mechanical equipment in addition to improving the performance and reliability of your drainage systems.

Technical Information
Constructed out of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel to ensure years of trouble free operation, with the option for AISI 314 Stainless steel. There are no intermediate bearings, so no blockages and no bearings in contact with the liquor. Optional extras include a grit washing system in the conveying section, an aeration System for organics separation in the hopper and a drain valve at hopper base for maintenance draining. 
Process liquors or waste effluent discharges into the top of the hopper. Settlement of grit and sand contained in the flow then takes place within the hopper, achieving > 80 % removal of 0.20 mm (200 µm) size mineral particles*. Floatable solids including suspended organic matter will be discharged with the wastewater whilst accumulated grit, sand and sediments will be conveyed by the spiral screw conveyor above the water level and then dewatered prior to disposal.


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