SKE Spiraline Vertical Screen- VSC

SKE vertical screens are designed to facilitate lifting, washing, dewatering, compaction of solids. This drastically improves the performance and reliability of drainage systems. Constructed to the highest quality out of stainless steel, the SKE Spiraline vertical spiral screen provides high reliability and long asset life, with years of trouble-free operation.

Technical Information

Constructed out of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel to ensure years of trouble free operation.  Spiral manufactured out of carbon steel with optional AISI 304 stainless steel construction.  Optional extras include construction out of AISI 316 stainless steel. Continuous bagging systems are also available from SKE to receive screenings and abate odour. This bagging system allows the screenings to be sealed without any personal contact.
Spiraline vertical screens can be supplied in variable lengths to suit individual applications. Vertical screens can also be designed for installation at inclined angles up to 50° from the vertical. Additional jets can be installed to the wash system to meet a higher specification of organic removal from the solids.
Spiraline VSC vertical screens are integrated machines consisting of a screen, spiral and a press unit. During operation, solids in the incoming flow will progressively collect onto the screen mesh. At a pre-set inlet water level, the spiral will be activated and convey the solids up to the pressing zone. Nylon Brushes fixed to the periphery at the lower section of the spiral will clean the screen mesh. The solids or screenings are compacted and dewatered and depending upon the solid properties. A volume reduction of around 40% DS or greater can be achieved prior to discharging the screenings into a skip or wheelie bin.  A jet wash facility will break down and remove faecal and other semi-solid or soluble matter and return it to the inlet flow. Faecal matter washing efficiencies greater than 90% can be achieved.

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