SKE Solutions Ltd. was established in 2002 by Sean Kerlin and his wife Marina. In 2003 the company expanded opening a sales office in the UK and began construction of its purpose built office complex and workshop.

From the early 1980’s Sean has been involved in engineering, initially in precision and specialised engineering. During this time his work received positive feedback from both the media and the Head of Engineering at Queens University.

Year on year, a large proportion of SKE’s business consists of up to 80% export sales. At the same time it is believed that as much as 95% of the drinking water supplied in Northern Ireland today has a SKE designed and installed plant at the heart of its treatment process.

We aim to deliver environmentally friendly systems which will enable you to become a better carer for your environment as well as help you save money with ultra-reliable, expertly designed systems, coupled with our best prices, comprehensive service, back-up and class leading product warranties.